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While textbooks do provide useful information, they are not always the best medium for communicating ideas. This deficiency is especially felt when trying to convey concepts that are subtle and inherently dynamic-- which characterizes many AI ideas. Here, it is typically better to use an interactive sytem, which can help lead the learner through the ideas, and perhaps illustrate a process as it is running.

In this web site, we showcase what we consider effective, interactive, AI resources that can be used by students, without a human teacher.


AI Exploratorium

CIspace: Tools for learning computational Intelligence

AAAI's Pathfinder

Bayesian Modeling (B-Course)

Russell & Norvig's AIMA Resources

The FLAIR Project

WebGrid II (Technical Reports from WebGrid)

IJCAI 2001 Workshop

In order to bring together a coomunity of ideas, identify resources, and facilitate a discussion on this topic, we are organizing a workshop at the Seventeenth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI 2001).

Curriculum Descant
A regular column, in ACM Intelligence Magazine, on the teaching of AI. This link will take you to all of the essays published in the column.

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