Professor of Computer Science
Adjunct Faculty, Department of Philosophy
Faculty in the Neural & Behavioral Sciences
Associate Director for Education & Diversity,
Center for Science of Information

Mailing Address:
Computer Science
247 Park Science Building
Bryn Mawr College
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
Voice: (610) 526-7485
Fax: (610) 526-5086
Email: dkumar at brynmawr dot edu


Travels (2017):

  • June 2017: ITiCSE 2017, University of Bologna, Italy.
  • September 2017: Emerging Topics in Computing Symposium, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY.

Research interests: Artificial Intelligence, BDI Architectures, Robotics, Cognitive Science, Computational Linguistics, Science of Information, Data Analysis and Visualization, AI Education, Evolutionary Computation, Programming Paradigms, Computer uses in Education.

  • Associate Director for Education & Diversity, Center for Science of Information
  • Member, Program Committee: ACM ITiCSE 2017 (Bologna, Italy), ACM SIGCSE 2018 (Baltimore, MD).


Teaching Resources

My ACM Inroads Columns:

  • A Maniacal Search for Truth in Comics, ACM Inroads Magazine, March 2010. [PDF]
  • Language Wars & False Dichotomies, ACM Inroads Magazine, September 2010. [PDF]
  • Top Secret Rosies, ACM Inroads Magazine, March 2011. [PDF]
  • Ready for a Third peak? ACM Inroads Magazine, September 2011. [PDF]
  • Taking Stock. ACM Inroads Magazine, March 2012. [PDF]
  • Data Science Overtakes Computer Science? ACM Inroads Magazine, September 2012. [PDF]
  • 2012: Celebrating Alan Turing Year. ACM Inroads Magazine, March 2013. [PDF]
  • The Changing, Not Evolving, Pedagiogy of CS1. ACM Inroads Magazine, September 2013. [PDF]
  • Digital Playgrounds for Early Computing Education. ACM Inroads Magazine, March 2014. [PDF]
  • Disrupting the Cultural Capital of Brogrammers. ACM Inroads Magazine, September 2014 [PDF]
  • Mind the Gap. ACM Inroads Magazine, March 2016. [PDF]
  • Postcards from the UK: CS for all. ACM Inroads Magazine, September 2016. [PDF]
  • The Language of Computing. ACM Inroads Magazine, March 2017. [PDF]
  • TL;DR "Best Practices" of Student Learning (And How to Bust Them), To appear.

My ACM Intelligence Magazine (Formerly, SIGART Bulletin) Columns:

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